About Us

Namaste, and welcome to Karnali Excursions, your experienced guide to the ‘Journey of a Lifetime’!

When you choose Karnali Excursions you choose a strong group of people who have worked in tours, travels, trekking and mountain climbing in Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan for over 17 years, and this team knows how to take care of their guests with incredible responsibility, detailed organization, kindness and laughter. This means that y all you need to do is preparing things from your end, and let us do the rest. We put your safety, health and individual needs foremost in our minds and hearts and then we put them into serious action. So, once you have booked with us, know we are in control!

Our focus is to create a Himalayan travel experience that is second to none, that reveals the full unique beauty and wonder of this magical and holy land which offers adventure and reflection, establishes genuine caring connections with its people, that is hassle-free, completely affordable, and that helps support and preserve local environments and cultures. Mountain environments are especially fragile, not only in terms of flora and fauna but also in terms of cultural beliefs, and the customs of the indigenous people. We prefer to tread lightly in the many sensitive areas of this land, always helping to preserve and protect the environment.

Here are some guidelines we follow that we hope are as important to you as they are to us, and that we also feel might help you in choosing the right tour and travels company wherever you may choose to travel:

  • Before booking your trek in any mountain area anywhere in the world be confident that your intended agent respects the land and culture of your tour and travels, and that any porters and other staff are ensured a good salary, are provided with proper clothing and footwear, as well good food and accommodation.
  • Make sure your company is registered with the appropriate local trekking associations, that they are a certified company professionally established and operating under the laws of the land.
  • It is important that the company you choose to guide you is aware of the local environmental issues involved in protecting the areas they visit and the indigenous people living in those areas.
  • Make sure that the company you choose attends to the small but important details of toilet arrangements, cooking fuel and rubbish disposal, and,
  • That they have the appropriate travel insurance and abide by the regulations regarding running a trekking agency.

You can be assured that Karnali Excursions follows all of these guidelines and at all times.

Karnali Excursions brings visitors to: Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan with scheduled and customized trips. We also offer pilgrimages and spiritual journey’s to Holy Mt. Kailash through our KailashTrekking.com website.

Our tours, treks and expeditions vary from less than one week, to more than a month, with levels of difficulty ranging from easy to very strenuous. We can help you select your tour, trek, or expedition for you, or you can browse many of our options via the Trip Options Selector (in the right sidebar column).

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.